Important stuff that ensures a successful party

Please make sure you have read these terms and conditions before confirming your booking with Paramount Kids.

By returning your signed contract documentation and/or by clicking on the show confirmation link in the confirmation email sent to you, you are confirming you have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions listed below..

The fee is payable immediately after the performance. Payment via cash or cheque is acceptable with all cheques payable to Mr D Nimmo. It is suggested that payment is prepared in advance and the correct amount placed in an envelope as your entertainer does not carry change. If you require an invoice or receipt this can be provided, please request this before the date so that it can be prepared beforehand.

In the event of a cancellation the following conditions apply.

  • Provided the party is re-booked for another date within 60 days, convenient to both parties, no cancellation fee will be payable.
  • Should the party be cancelled by the person making the booking within fourteen days of the engagement date the full fee, less estimated travel cost, will be payable.
  • Should the party be cancelled by the person making the booking at any time from initial booking, a £35 admin fee will be charged.
  • Under no circumstances will alterations or cancellations be accepted on the telephone answering service.

The Party

  • The party will be held indoors and to a minimum of 12 children
  • No food or drink or ice-cream should be served to the children during the party please as they need both hands to participate fully. This also prevents spills and mess.
  • Please do not distribute squeakers, whistles, blowers or balloons before or during the party.
  • Babies and toddlers should be in the care of an adult during the party.

You may be considering having loose balloons on the floor to create the party atmosphere. It is our experience that loose balloons create more trouble than fun.  Loose balloons encourage rough play with children running wildly and hitting one another with the balloons, more timid children become petrified resulting in them isolating and being left out, with children running wildly the loose balloons become a trip hazard that can result in injury.
All the entertainment offered by Paramount Kids relies on the children having both hands free and the disco needs an open space free from obstruction, if there are loose balloons at the party the entertainer will arrange for the balloons to be placed one side for the duration of the party.

Party Starting Time
The first important thing to note is the party starting time; when considering your  booking please make sure you are not booking your entertainment to start at the same starting time of your party starting time. Our experience shows that few children will have arrived at the time stated on the invitation and there will be a steady stream of interruptions as late guests arrive. Please allow a minimum of 15 minutes but preferably 30 minutes for the guests to arrive. This allows your guests to give a present and say hello and to settle into the rhythm of the party before the entertainment begins.

Your entertainer’s diary is sometimes tight with multiple shows on the same day, as you expect your entertainer to start on time so does the next customer, so there are occasions where your entertainer cannot run late and must leave at the end of the booked time. Planning your show starting time makes for a successful, enjoyable show.

Venue & Documents
The venue address you provide is the address the entertainer will go to. If there is an error in the address you supply, your entertainer could be late or not arrive at all. Please make sure the address is correct as sometimes the address provided by a hall on their website is a correspondence address. Please note that non performance of your booked package due to an incorrect venue address being provided by you will result in the full fee being payable to the entertainer as they will have gone to the agreed venue address as supplied by you.

Certain venues need specific documentation from entertainers before they will allow them to perform on their premises. The documents they request may include a public liability insurance certificate, a risk assessment, a method statement and an In-service Inspection & Testing of Electrical Equipment or PAT Test certificate.

It is the responsibility of the person booking to inform the venue that an entertainer has been booked and if any documents are requested please inform Paramount Kids and we will be pleased to supply them.

It is worth noting that a venue can refuse an entertainer to perform if the documentation is not submitted timeously and our entertainers do not carry documentation with them on the day of the performance.

In the unlikely event of the venue refusing to allow the performance due to documentation not being requested from Paramount Kids, the full fee is payable as a cancellation fee. This is easily avoided by informing the venue that an entertainer is being booked and asking if any documentation is required.

Venues more likely to require documentation include public buildings like libraries and schools and hotels. Venues less likely to need documentation may include church halls and community centres but it is still worth asking as a precaution.

Birthday Parties
Health and safety needs to be top priority when arranging your birthday party, the more children you have at a party, the higher the risk. As a rule a children’s birthday party should never exceed 40 children. Our liability insurance covers us for up to 45 children at a regular birthday party, if your party is going to exceed this number, please get in touch and let us know.

Christenings, Christmas Parties, Weddings and Outdoor Events
We have special packages for these occasions and can comfortably perform for up to 300 people. In certain cases, we may need to do a comprehensive risk assessment, so please always inform us of the amount of guests you are expecting and we will make the appropriate arrangements.

Food and Drink
The parties and activities are designed to be fully interactive and the children do get excited and active as part of the enjoyment. For this reason it is not advised to have any food, ice-cream, crisps, and sweets or drink available or handed out before or during the party as experience shows it ends up being spilled on other children and the carpet and floor. The party ending is the ideal opportunity to get the children together for the birthday eats. 

The excitement of the party can be distressing to even the most balanced pet. It is advisable to keeps pets in a separate room during the show. (This includes parrots and other birds).

Outdoors Parties
If you are planning your party to be an outdoors party there are a number of important factors to consider. The first is the sun, sunburn can occur quickly during the summer months even in cloudy weather as the dangerous UV rays still penetrate. Wind and magic do not go together; the magic show has many elements such as light silk hankies that can blow away during the show. Rain, sudden rain can interrupt the show damage props and cause electrical shorts on PA equipment and lighting in the case of the disco show. Wasps, bees and insects are attracted to noise and colour and this can cause an interruption or, worst case, can result in a guest being stung.
If you are considering an outdoor party please let us know well in advance and have a backup plan in case of weather. In the case of outdoor shows the show will be changed and certain items left out to accommodate the conditions, The Magician and Paramount Kids can take no responsibility for injury to children resulting from sunburn or insect stings.

Marquees can be a fantastic place to hold a party but please be aware of the following challenges that may be faced. By paying attention to health and safety and managing any risks, marquees make a fantastic party venue.

Power supplied to the marquee to run the electrical equipment, PA system and lighting needs to be secure to prevent a trip hazard and waterproof to protect from shorting and potential shock.

The ground where the show is to take place needs to be even, solid and flat as stands with heavy lighting and speakers may sink into grass causing top heaviness and a potential tip hazard. It is recommended that the area where the guests are is also even to prevent excited children becoming unbalanced when dancing; a small dip in the grass can cause a sprained ankle.

The Marquee needs to be weather proof to prevent lighting and speaker stands being at risk of blowing over and to protect from rain to avoid shorting and the danger of electric shock.

Photography and Filming
This is your party and your memories, feel free to photograph and or film any part of the party for you later enjoyment. Please do not post the film or photographs online without the permission of Paramount Kids. Emailing to family or posting on your own private, secure page is fine.

It is advisable to prepare payment beforehand in an envelope as during the party you may find your hands full hosting and enjoying the day. Your entertainer does not carry change. Your entertainer can accept cash and also except cheques made payable to Mr D Nimmo

We hope these tips help to make your event the best it can be.